What are Probiotics?

Optimal health starts in the digestive tract. There are billions of bacteria, known as intestinal microflora, living in our digestive system. Adults typically have several hundreds of different species of bacteria in the intestinal tract, some good and some potentially harmful. Staying healthy depends on how the optimal balance of good vs. bad bacteria is maintained in your digestive system. Since a healthy digestive tract contains hundreds of different cultures, multi-strain probiotic formulas closely match the natural ecology of the digestive system rather than probiotics with only one or two strains. Extreme Health’s premier probiotic blend works in both the small and the large intestines to maintain a healthy balance of good flora and also supports a healthy urinary tract, maintains normal bowel function, and promotes healthy skin.

The Value of Probiotics

Friendly bacteria create vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, K and Biotin) make essential fatty acids that feed the gut lining; help digest food; produce lactase to digest milk; detoxify dangerous substances; help remove hormone excess; crowd harmful bacteria and fungi as well as produce bacteriocins and anti-fungals to fight them; help maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels; increase the number of immune cells; help cells reproduce normally; reduce inflammatory response and stimulate cell repair mechanisms.

A healthy gut contains hundreds of strains, some of which are unique to the individual. Flooding the gut with just a few supplemental strains can worsen any imbalance and even alarm the immune system.

Isn't it smart to support ALL of the good guys, NOT just a FEW strains?

What to consider when choosing Probiotics

It is important that you discuss the consumption of possibilities with your doctor well ahead of regular intake.

  • Amidst such a polluted environment, it has become imperative to bring in a balance of healthy bacteria within the human body by taking probiotics rich supplements.
  • The supplement should have active and workable lactobacillus bacteria. One gram of supplement should have at least 1 billion bacteria contained in it. Higher counts of bacteria are more potent and highly recommended. Probiotics manufactured using a non-diary formula is highly recommended
  • If you are in the habit of taking antibiotics, then talk to your medical practitioner to bring in a balance of beneficial bacteria. Antibiotics not only kill the harmful organisms within the body but also the beneficial bacteria.
  • It has become very important that each and everyone of us should take probiotic supplements to keep the intestines at normalcy. Taking probiotics will not only aid you to stay away from innumerous health issues but would also help normalize the process of digestion.

An Overview of Probiotics

Rewards of Probiotic Intake

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