Antioxidant Test Kit

Antioxidants are essential to your body's defense against free radicals. Free radicals can attack the cells of your body, affecting the cardiovascular, neurological, and immune systems. Monitor free radical activity with AntiOxidantCheck, as you strive to strengthen your antioxidant levels.
  • Detects Free Radical Activity in the Body
  • Simple Urine Collection
Due to current New York State regulations, we are unable to process samples from residents of New York or samples that are collected in New York.


        This home-based test offers a powerful and effective way of deciding if any dietary or supplement change is needed based on reliable scientific results not guesswork. It could save you a lot of wasted time, not to mention the considerable expense, from taking the wrong supplements. The teast measures the levels of lipid peroxides to determine free radical activity in your body. Measuring levels of lipid peroxides provides a good indication of your antioxidant levels – your body’s main defense against free radicals.

        The test kit is also a good way to have your own personal periodic check-up in the comfort of your home while monitoring the effects of any dietary or lifestyle changes.

How it works:

  • Getting your results is easy. The test is non-invasive. No needles, no blood required. No doctor visit needed. All it requires is a small amount of urine.
  • Interpretation of the test is simple and straightforward. Your level comes on a chart. Just one look at the chart tells you your antioxidant protection level.
  • The test measures a marker of free radical activity and provides an index of your total antioxidant status. [The marker used is lipid peroxides. The higher the levels, the lower your antioxidant status].
  • You will get laboratory-quality results. The test kit comes with full instructions and the necessary vessel for collecting the small amount of urine needed. All you need do is return your sample to the lab in the packaging material provided.
  • It's affordable and easy to use. Testing is non-invasive requiring only a small amount of urine sample. And no fasting is required. Your results are easy to interpret and come with a graphical representation allowing easy visualization of where you are on the antioxidant protection scale.
  • You will get pre-paid return postage supplied with the kit so all you need do is collect a small amount of urine and send it back to the lab in the mail.




Suggested Use

Before You Start

  • Collect first urine of the day.
  • You may eat and drink as normal in the days prior to collection.
  • However, you must not eat or drink for 8 hours prior to collecting the sample.
  • You may continue with supplements or medications.
  • Important: Mail your sample the day you collect.

Urine Collection


  1. Upon waking for the day, collect your first urine of the day into the collection cup provided.
  2. Open the clear tube. Use the pipette to transfer urine from the collection cup into the tube until the tube is 3/4 full. Insufficient urine samples cannot be processed. Cap securely. Dispose of the pipette and collection cup. Write your name, time of collection, and date on the tube. 
  3. Place the tube into the biohazard bag provided. Plan to return the sample on the day of collection. If you are unable to do so, refrigerate the sample and mail within 72 hours. Make sure you fill out and sign the Antioxidant Screen Request Form. Your sample will not be processed without this signed form. 
  4. To send your sample, put the biohazard bag, along with the completed and signed Antioxidant Screen Request Form, into the white return box. Place the box into the prepaid mailing envelope and seal for shipping


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