Tibetan Goji Berry Macaroons



2 Fresh Young Coconuts
¼ Cups blended soaked Buckwheat (optional)
Almond pulp* mixed with ¼ Cup Agave
*Almond pulp is the remainder of Almond Milk: put four cups of water into the blender, along with 3 cups of soaked Almonds and ¼ cup of Agave. Blend until the almonds become very small crumbs in size. Strain into container using a strainer or a cheese cloth to separate milk from pulp.
4 Tablespoons Nutiva Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
¼ Cup Water
¼ Cup Agave
Soaked Wild Tibetan Goji Berries
Finely ground Golden Flax Seeds (optional) 


1. Place all ingredients into a blender with the water first, coconut flash next with some coconut water, almond pulp, coconut oil, then Agave and soaked Wild Tibetan Goji Berries.

2. Blend until semi smooth chunky consistency. The coconut flash should be pretty fine and semi smooth in texture, then you know you are done blending.

3. Next, use your hands to make macaroon size balls and coat with extra almond pulp to make it drier and firmer. You can also use some ground flax seeds or blended buckwheat.

4. Slightly flatten the macaroon balls with your hands or spoon and add one soaked Wild Tibetan Goji Berry on top for garnish, and Enjoy!

5. Makes about 10 macaroons.