Oral Chelation

What is Oral Chelation?

Oral Chelation is a safe, non-surgical, non-medical treatment used to remove toxic heavy metals and excess calcium and cholesterol that form the plaque on the inner walls of blood vessels, ranging from the largest arteries to the smallest capillaries.

These harmful substances are then removed from the body via the urinary system. The result is enhanced blood flow throughout the body and a decreased level of toxic substances in the body.

The word chelation is derived from the Greek word “Chele” which means claw; the chelator grips the atom of a toxic substance like the claws of a lobster or crab.

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Oral Chelation Therapy

  • Oral Chelation is a means of delivering chelators, and usually antioxidants, some minerals and other nutrients orally
  • Allows the person flexibility in terms of when and where to engage in chelation therapy
  • Does not require direct medical intervention
  • Is less expensive and less invasive than IV chelation therapy
  • Usually uses EDTA and other chelators, antioxidants, and beneficial minerals to replace those lost in the chelation process
  • Removes the plaque clots in the blood vessel walls that can negatively affect the heart, brain, sexual organs, feet, legs, etc.
  • Can serve as a convenient, non-invasive, long-term health maintenance and prevention program

What is EDTA?

EDTA is short for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid…now you know why it’s just EDTA!

  • has been used extensively in mainstream medical settings to remove the toxic metal lead from the human body
  • is also good at chelating other toxic heavy metals and excess calcium from the lining of blood vessels
  • has been used as a food additive for over 30 years, the average American consuming between 15-30 mgs in their diets daily.
  • acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect blood vessels from free radical damage
  • is regarded by the body as a foreign substance, so the body eliminates the entire particle — the heavy particle coated with EDTA.
  • Oral EDTA is only 5-18% absorbable. This is the reason Extreme Health includes 16 other powerful natural chelators, all of which have the ability to be 100% absorbable along with EDTA.


Chelation Therapy: Intravenous vs. Oral

Intravenous (IV) Chelation Therapy:

  • is a medical procedure offered by more than 1,000 doctors in the United States
  • involves delivering chelators and other nutrients via a needle in a vein (usually in an arm); therefore only a nurse or doctor can do it
  • requires patient to spend significant amounts of time and money on the procedure (health insurance rarely covers the procedure)
  • usually uses EDTA as the principal chelator
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