Children's Probiotics

Extreme Health Children’s Probiotics has been specifically formulated for children to promote “friendly” bacteria to the stomach and intestines, promote digestive health, and help boost the immune response. It is suitable for even the most sensitive digestive systems with no soy, yeast, wheat or lactose.

It contains 10 billion CFU/g and eleven active species of “good” bacteria to protect and support a healthy digestive system

2.0oz/60g Powder

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Extreme Health's formula is a potent blend of 11 species of probiotics - the natural cultures your body needs to restore the balance in your digestive tract. A balanced digestive tract means a stronger immune system, which is so important when you just don't have time to get sick.

  • High Potency - 10 Billion CFU/G
  • Extreme Health's probiotics are non-dairy, soy, wheat, corn, and gluten-free. No artificial flavors or preservatives added.
  • Produces natural antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins, lactic acid, and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Fortified with probiotics fructooligosaccharide (FOS)
  • Helps maintain a healthy flora, promotes digestive health, and boosts immune function.

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Suggested use


This is a 2-month supply. For 2 years and up- Mix 1/4 teaspoon per day with water and take with a small amount of food 2 hours before or after your meal or after taking medications, especially antibiotics. You may increase dosage when instructed by your health care professional. Regular use is recommended to support a healthy digestive system.

FREE OF: heavy metals, chemical additives, gluten, MSG, yeast, salt, egg, tree nuts, corn, lactose, pesticides, soy, binders.

No fillers, preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors

Keep refrigerated after opening, under 40° F

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