Vegetarian Organ Rejuvenation Pack

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In the Pack you receive:

Vegetarian Heavy Metal Detox
Liver Support
Digestive Support

Price: $106.93  $89.95 Save $16.95!

Vegetarian Heavy Metal Detox

Extreme Heavy Metal Detox is an all natural oral chelation formula that works to support the body’s natural process for eliminating toxic metals from the body without the ingredient EDTA. The two-bottle system also contains nutritionally replenishing antioxidants, vitamins, essential amino acids, important enzymes, and nineteen phyto-therapeutic superfoods & herbal extracts.

64 Powerful Ingredients in this AM / PM Formula

  •     16 all natural chelators
  •     31 antioxidants
  •     16 vitamins
  •     7 amino acids
  •     3 enzymes
  •     19 phyto-therapeutic superfoods & herbal extracts

60 capsules per bottle, 2 bottle set

Liver Support

Extreme Health Liver Support ensures that your liver has the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally. The potent formula combines silymarin, the antioxidant found in milk thistle, with a specific hybrid artichoke—a member of the thistle family and a powerful antioxidant —with sarsaparilla. This creates a synergistic effect that supports liver function, liver health, and your overall well-being. Help your liver stay healthy and perform its critical detoxification with all natural Extreme Health Liver Support daily.

Recommended for those who:

  •     Consume alcohol
  •     Consume tobacco products
  •     Have been taking medications/drugs
  •     Are exposed to environmental toxins or chemicals or second hand smoke
  •     Have a history of liver or gall bladder problems
  •     wish to maintain superior liver health

90 capsules per bottle

Digestive Support

Extreme Health’s Digestive Support provides on all natural way to ensure that your body enjoys the maximum benefit of enzyme and coenzyme balance. Digestive Support increases your body’s digestive energy by providing enzymes that help digest a wide range of common foods (including Amalyse, Glucosamalyse, Lipase, Cellulase, Invertase, and especially Lactase, the enzyme responsible for digesting milk products).

It also supports the growth of new “friendly” bacteria in your system with powerful probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

  •     Improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  •     Restores appetite by reducing stomach discomforts
  •     Neutralizes excess stomach acid

90 capsules per bottle

Price: $106.93  $89.95 Save $16.95!

Save and Buy the Vegetarian Organ Rejuvenation