Natural Supplements

In today’s environment, not even the strictest of diets can protect us from ingesting microscopic amounts of heavy metal, or otherwise taxing our bodies organs, throwing our systems out of balance, and undermining our best efforts to stay healthy.

For over 10 years, Extreme Health USA natural supplements have been sold by doctors to help support the body’s natural processes for dealing with the stresses on your system.

Extreme Detox
Heart Plus Detox

(Oral Chelation)

Extreme Health Heart Plus Detox is a natural oral chelation formula sold by doctors since 1999. The formula works to promote healthy blood pressure and cholestrol, and supports increased blood flow.

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Extreme Health Liver Support
Liver Support

Extreme Health Liver Support ensures that your liver has the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally

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Extreme Health Omega-3 Fish Oil
Omega-3 Fish Oil

Extreme Health USA Ultra High Strength Omega-3 Fish oil is the most potent fish oil on the market. It is sourced from wild whitefish caught in the cold, clear waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea using sustainable fishing methods. It is then processed right here in the USA. A uniquely all-American fish oil.

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Detox Vegetarian
 Detox Heavy Metal

 (Vegetarian Oral Chelation)

Extreme Heart Plus Detox is an all natural oral chelation formula that works to support the body’s natural process for eliminating to toxic metals from the body without the ingredient EDTA.

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Extreme Digestive Support
Digestive Support

Extreme Health’s Digestive Support provides on all natural way to ensure that your body enjoys the maximum benefit of enzyme and coenzyme balance.

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Children's Probiotics
Resveratrol NP+

With 520mg of Resveratrol per capsule, Resveratrol NP+ is the most potent in the market. It is formulated with premium quality, all natural ingredients. It includes a powerful blend of French red wine extract and an extract from the Brazilian superfruit acai, both known for their potency in combating cell damage and the effects of aging.

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