Why Avoid the Consumption of Non-Organic and GMO Foods and Snacks


Put simply, GMO involves the modification of the genetic makeup of a plant using genetic engineering in a laboratory. However, even with its benefits, one of the main concerns of GMO foods and snacks is their safety not only to human health but also to the environment.

organic and non-gmo snacks

Non-organic foods and snacks pose a health risk to humans because of their high levels of pesticides while GMO foods and snacks pose a health risk because of modified genetic makeup.  Many GMO foods are designed to tolerate higher levels of pesticides.  We are assured that non-organic and GMO foods and snacks are perfectly safe . However, it was not long ago that a corporation swore that smoking is harmless to our health.

Possible Health Effects of Non-Organic and GMO Foods and Snacks
It is argued that cancer development can be caused by non-organic and GMO food and snacks since the disease is a result of DNA mutations. It is dangerous to introduce chemicals that can harm genes and introduce new genes into the body.

Antibacterial Resistance
While the genetic modification is able to boost the resistance of a crop to a disease, there is a possibility of the ability of people to defend against diseases being compromised. There is a chance that the genes in any food consumed can transfer to the body cells or deposit bacteria in your gut. In fact, some GMO plants have genes making them resistant to particular antibiotics and it is thought this resistance is passed on to humans. Right now there is a growing concern that most people are increasingly antibiotics resistant and that could be one of the reasons why.

Benefits of Non-GMO and Organic Snacks and Foods
Organic foods refer to the way of growing and processing agricultural products. Organic crops are those crops grown without utilizing the use of bioengineered genes (GMOs), synthetic pesticides, sewage sludge-based fertilizers, and petroleum-based fertilizers. Organic foods and snacks are more beneficial to your emotional and mental health. Subsequently, here are some of the few benefits of organic snacks and foods.

Fewer and Less Harmful Pesticides
Conventional agriculture greatly relies on the use of chemicals like insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides with their residues often remaining on or in the foods we consume.

Often Fresher
Organic snacks and foods are fresher since they do not have preservatives to make them last longer.

Organic snacks and foods are grown naturally. Their DNA’s have not been altered in a way that is not possible in traditional cross-breeding or in nature.

The only way to ensure that you avoid possible health and wellness risks is to only purchase certified organic products. This ensures that you only consume non-GMO food and snack. Only choose to buy foods and snacks labeled “100 percent organic”, “made with organic ingredients”, or “Organic”. When it comes to non-organic products, you should only buy products labeled “Non-GMO” and verified by an independent institution.

In conclusion, you should note that eating organic and non-GMO foods and snacks may not always equal healthy. A common marketing strategy used is to make junk foods and snacks appear healthy while that is not really the case. Foods and snacks that have a high content of sugar, salt, calories, or fat are not healthy at all. You should carefully read the food and snack labels.

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